The Eliza is one of the more unique Vintage Porch Swings designs.

The Eliza features the highest side and backboard of all of our models with even sides and backboard measuring 28.5” tall to provide plenty of support regardless of which position you are sitting or lying.

The 1.5” x 1.5” straight pickets will match the details of a classic deck design and will blend in perfectly with your porch.

The Eliza design allows the mattress to almost sit above the swing as opposed to recessed like all of our other models. The Eliza is a favorite of customers who have a large area.

The Eliza is constructed from handpicked Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine or can be upgraded to use Cypress wood. This swing is mounted with  1” thick natural manila rope.

Rope Mounting Method:

Through wooden runners incorporated into the swing construction:

Swing Size Exterior Dimensions Cushion


Side Height Back Height
Petite 72″ x 30″ 51″ x 27″x 5″ 25″ tall 25″ tall
Mid-size 85″ x 42″ 64″ x 39″ x 5″ 25″ tall 25″ tall
Grand (Twin) 92″ x 42″ 75″ x 39″ x 5″ 25″ tall 25″ tall
Extra Large (Full) 92″ x 57″ 75″ x 54″ x 5″ 25″ tall 25″ tall

This swing  is available in all of our stock finishes as well as any custom color to match your decorative style.

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