A traditional bed swing with spindles and trim.

The Eliza is one of the more unique Vintage Porch Swings designs and is constructed from handpicked Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine. The Eliza features the highest side and backboard of all of our models with even sides and backboard measuring 28.5” tall to provide plenty of support regardless of which position you are sitting or lying.

The 1” thick natural manila rope that comes with each swing, mounts to the Eliza on the sides through the wood runners which are incorporated into the construction of the swing.

The 1.5” x 1.5” straight pickets will match the details of a classic deck design and will blend in perfectly with your porch. The Eliza design allows the mattress to almost sit above the swing as opposed to recessed like all of our other models. The Eliza is a favorite of customers who have a large area.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Petite (Accommodates a 51” x 27” Mattress)
  • Mid-Sized (Accommodates a 64” x 39” Mattress)
  • Grand/Twin (Accommodates a 75” x 39” Mattress)
  • XL /Full (Accommodates a 75” x 54” Mattress)

A Cypress upgrade is available for an additional $499. Add the Cypress upgrade to your cart if you wish to upgrade.

Also available in a variety of stain and specialty finish options. For more information about our finish options, visit this page.

Vintage Porch Swings Bed Swing Stains and Finishes


What’s in a name? Eliza is an identical twin to Emerson born sixth in the lineup. She has a wry smile and big blue eyes. She is full of life, joy and has an ability to make people laugh. She often wears headbands, and sometimes two of them. She loves to spend time with her brothers.

For custom orders or more information please call us toll free 866-610-6322.


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